The journal of a journey comprising togetherness with 18 countries cooperating for the better sustainable future. Reported contentedly by Adhinka Z. N. Annisa, Indonesian Teenage Ambassador 2017.

One thing to be remembered: this event is amazing! As a representative of Indonesia and also Ummul Quro Bogor Islamic High School, I personally never expected to have such a magnificent opportunity to participate in this inspiring international event. Extending from 29th of October to 4th of November, the program was delightful and challenging in the same time. Despite on the title of the event, which is ‘AEON 1% Club Anniversary’, the program itself aims a greater goal for future by looking further into SDGs, rather than just a regular party. Upon simply having fun with friends from all over the world, we also influenced in many activities and discussions that requires a lot of understanding towards ourselves and the world. But then, it allowed us to widen our perspectives and made our way of thinking even more open-minded. Therefore, versatile of brilliant ideas are spread through entire program. And more importantly, we have expanded our downlinks with more than 340 people from 18 different countries around the world!

Departure 29th – 30th of October 2019

The school principal – Mr. Ari Ariansyah – gave us a free day on Tuesday, October 29th. The dispensation was meant so that we could pack up everything perfectly before our flight – including the SDGs material for the discussion. Even so, I actually ended up with half-day school due to the chemistry exam that was held exactly that day, and got home before noon. Soon after, I and my father went to the bus terminal, next to the famous mall at the center of the city – Botani Square, Bogor.

We arrived at around 3.30 pm (Indonesia time), and gathered with others. Since our flight with ANA was departing at 6.30 am by the next day, AEON gave us an overnight stay at a hotel near Soekarno-Hatta International Airport.

Some of us – including me – arrived at the hotel before dusk. We checked-in not so long after reporting to our parents that we were all good. The full team finally caught up at the evening. We did some light talks about life, school works, and even the materials about SDGs that we were going to present later in Japan. Some of us were in the different year, so our group consisted of high school students and college students. That’s why sharing each other’s daily stories was very interesting.

At 3.00 am we woke up and immediately got breakfast. Luckily, the hotel’s cafeteria opened from the exact time. We headed to the airport after breakfast by shuttle bus, and didn’t expect that we met another Indonesian TAs from different batches.

The 8 of us gathered in front of the check-in location. We met some of the other TAs from 2002, 2011, and 2015. It was a real pleasure to meet them all and have a flight together. I even switched phone numbers with some of them during the flight to make sure that there could be someone I was able to contact in case of emergency. They really were kind and hospitable.

During the flight, we had some great chats with one another. I got rid of the boring feelings with drawing some random manga characters, and it successfully made some flight attendants came over to talk and see the piece. I was glad that I could share my interest towards the destination country with them.

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